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I must admit that before I researched Coconut (a few years ago) I had absolutely NO idea of the benefits!! As time has gone by I have discovered more and more of the unexpected health benefits of Coconut and would like to share them with you

With so much of our food being processed, covered in pesticides, given growth hormones …. I began investigating ways in which I improved our health using natural ingredients and came across the “Coconut” and the very many and varied ways in which the Coconut can be used in our daily lives. Needless to say the Coconut and variations thereof (coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut milk) are a firm staple in our home

High source of Fatty Acids

Next to mother’s milk, it is nature’s highest source of medium chain fatty acids (MTC’s), which raise the body’s metabolism, leading to weight loss. It has fatty acids such as lauric acid and monoglycerides, similar to mother’s breast milk

Reduces Cholesterol Naturally

Coconut oil does not raise cholesterol, but actually helps lower it. Studies have shown that people who use coconut oil have lower cholesterol than those who do not. (even when the people consuming coconut also eat other high cholesterol foods like eggs and meat)

Coconut Oil helps reduce Seizures

One of the more surprising benefits of coconut is that it can be used to help reduce seizures. This is due to the fatty acids that are in coconut oil. These fatty acids turn into ketones, which help reduce the severity and frequency of seizures. Coconut oil is frequently given to children and adults with epilepsy as part of their overall treatment plan

Use as a Massage Oil

Coconut oil is used as a massage oil and is also  used for newborns. New born babies have very sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, cracking, rashes, and irritation. You need to use something as natural and organic as possible, so that is why using coconut oil for your baby is so advantageous. You will be able to give your baby a relaxing massage to help them sleep while their skin reaps all the various benefits of coconut oil.

Works as Sunscreen

Coconut, particularly coconut oil, can also be used as a sunscreen for children and adults. While you might not want to use only coconut oil to protect your skin from UV rays if you have fair skin, it can definitely help when you don’t have any sunscreen on hand. Are you someone that tends to forget sunscreen? If you put some coconut oil on your skin after a shower each morning, this will do a great job at protecting your skin from sun damage.

Can boost Brain Function

Coconut has fatty acids that can be perfect for someone with lower brain function, such as older adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  With coconut oil and other forms of coconut, you can help boost their brain function which helps manage the symptoms and might even keep it from turning into full-blown dementia

 Reduces the symptoms of Menopause and PMS

Coconut oil helps reduces the symptoms of menopause, and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). Many women who suffer the effects of PMS find the symptoms lessened when coconut oil is consumed often in their diet

Here are a few of my favourite Coconut snacks for you to try!!




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3 Fresh Coconuts
Dang Coconut Chips
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 Vita Coco Pure Coconut Water
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It Helps Improve Your Digestion

If you have been struggling with a lot of digestive issues, then you should definitely consider adding in more coconut to your diet. Most forms of coconut help with your digestive problems, including coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut oil. Coconut has anti-inflammatory properties that help with bowel disorders, digestive disorders, and help your body to absorb more nutrients as well as dietary fibre.

Your Hair and Skin Will Thank You

Health benefits are not just related to your physical health, but your outer health as well. Your hair, skin, and nails all improve when you introduce more coconut into your diet. Proper hydration is key to having healthy hair and skin, so by drinking more coconut water, you are getting the hydration you need and also helping with the benefits of the coconut itself. This is highly recommended on a daily basis.

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Consuming coconut helps reduce your risk for heart disease. Coconut oil does have a good amount of saturated fat, it actually does more good than harm to your body. Having a small amount of oil at a time, actually helps improve the good cholesterol in your body and reduce the bad cholesterol in your body. This is going to also lower your blood pressure levels, all of which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Coconut assists with Weight Loss

Coconut is also fantastic at helping you to lose weight or avoid weight gain. When you add more coconut to your diet, it is going to burn more fat and help to raise your metabolism. It also gives you more energy, which helps you to stick with your regular workout routines. With coconut water and milk, you will notice that the more of it you have, the less cravings you get. Replace regular sugar with coconut palm sugar as it is much better for you.




Coconut milk e1501839167765 - The Unexpected Health Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Oil coconut oil e1501839369780 - The Unexpected Health Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Oil mojo coconut water e1501840967123 - The Unexpected Health Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Oil
Native Forest Simple Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk
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The Unexpected Health Benefits of Coconut and Coconut Oil

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