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How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

By now you have done a ton of research and reading of articles and decided that BlueHost and are the way to go to start your blogging adventure!! The next step in the process is to create your website by purchasing your Web Hosting package with BlueHost. If you have been delaying setting up your website because you feel that this part is difficult or challenges your technical abilities. SURPRISE! I just love BlueHost as they have made it as simple as possible with just one click once you have installed WordPress.

At this point I would just like to add a few words about BlueHost. (Aside from the fact that I just can’t Thank them enough for their efficient and may I add very patient assistance when I had just started my adventure with WordPress and had virtually no clue what I was doing). BlueHost have been in the business of hosting websites since 1996. They have established themselves as a pioneer in the industry by introducing applications such as Simple Scripts. Simple scripts is one of the most widely used installation devices on the market. In addition BlueHost provide customers, like you and I, with excellent service. BlueHost has also introduced other cutting edge technologies that  include the concept of VPS Protection. VPS Protection eliminates many of the performance challenges that affect most shared hosts. I am sure that with their determination and commitment to providing the most up-to-date technical support as well as awesome customer service BlueHost will remain a firm favourite for years to come.
If you are looking for more information on why I have chosen BlueHost for my web hosting please have a look at BlueHost – Why?? for my review of three popular web hosting options

Just a reminder of what you will need so that your website is able to be visible on the internet.

1. Webhost provider (BlueHost)

2. Blogging programme (

You may still be questioning whether a Self-Hosted Website is really necessary as you would prefer not to have the expense? In order to have a professional personal brand or business, own your own content, ensure that your site is up and running and not down or hidden in the universe somewhere as well as earn an income – Yes absolutely you need the expense. As you will see when we complete your registration.  You will only have the cost once a year, once every two years or even once every three years so it is not like you are going to have to budget for an amount each month. BlueHost is recommended by who work hand in hand with BlueHost to ensure fantastic customer service

Before we head over to the BlueHost website to start the registration process here are a couple of things that you need to have figured out.

The first being the “Niche” or the focus of your website. For me I wanted to focus on two main areas initially and then after a period of time to split the two areas into two separate websites (Some people recommend a single idea per website but for me I felt that the two could work together on one site and then just to add a bit of variety I decided to also include a monthly theme) The choice is up to you depending on whether you feel that the various areas could complement each other or not. There is also a cost involved in having more websites which for me when I started was a consideration as I was not earning an income at that stage. Another consideration for whether you would like to focus on one niche or more is your time and the effort required in maintaining the various areas with new content or articles . I am happy with what I have for the moment and as mentioned earlier will look at separating the various areas next year.
Back to your “Niche”. So what on earth is a niche and how defined does it have to be? Basically your niche is the focus of your website. In other words: health and fitness, cooking, travel, technology, fashion etc etc. There are bloggers who want to write on almost everything and there are bloggers who choose a niche and then further narrow down their market to an even more defined part of the niche. For example – You may decide that you want to focus on Cooking and a few months later decide that you would like to narrow that down even further to focus on Baking and then again a few months later decide to focus on Baking without using eggs etc etc. Your niche will very much depend on you and your experience and knowledge. My tip would be not to narrow down your niche too much so that you may run out of things to write about. Rather keep your niche a little broader to provide yourself with some scope and a little room for flexibility
Most importantly is to choose a niche that you are comfortable with and that people will want to read about. The more popular the niche (an example would be Work from Home) the easier it is to monetise (I am assuming that one of your goals in the future is to earn an income from your blog which is part of the reason you have chosen to host your own website)
The second is the name of your website which is also referred to as the Domain Name. Something to bear in mind is that the name needs to be available across all platforms. In other words the name needs to be available on the web as well as on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc). So once you have thought of a name that is catchy, simple to spell and easy to remember the easiest way to see whether it is available would be to pop onto Google and search for it. If it is available awesome!! Also check on a few social media platforms before registering just to make double sure. If the name is not available have a think about alternative versions of the name or perhaps you have another in mind already. Alternatively you could try any of these FREE Domain Name Idea Generators –  Lean Domain Search, Domainr or Namestall to find the Perfect Name for you
As a side note: You are either able to purchase your Domain Name through a provider such as and use this with your web host or by far the easiest is to have your domain name with your web host as part of your package. BlueHost provides you with your Domain Name for FREE – which means no additional cost – yay!!

Okay so now that we have a “niche” and a name lets go across to (click here)

This is what the page will look like

Bluehost landing page 1 - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

 Step 1. Click on the green “get started now” button
Step 2. Select your plan
(I recommend the “Basic” Plan to start with as this will be more than enough to start 1 Website. Should you be looking at more than one website you would need to chose an alternative option. Most personal blogs are started on the basic plan and then upgraded later)

Select your plan - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

As you can see you are also provided with a FREE e-mail account which is awesome!! You will need this later on when you set up your e-mail auto-responder. (Fancy name for an e-mail facility that automatically sends out e-mails like newsletters). A free e-mail address is not an option when you have a number of subscribers to your site and the likes of Google and Yahoo etc. will block your e-mail address if you do use it with an auto-responder facility as you will be sending out hundreds of mail which slows down and blocks the entire system
Step 3. In this example I will select the “Basic” option by simple clicking on the green “select” tab
The next page is where you will select your Domain Name

domain name - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

There are two options available to you.
Step 4. If you already have a domain name and want to use it here type that name into the block on the right hand side where it says “I have a domain name”. Alternatively if you do not have a domain name that you purchased prior please type in the name that you have chosen for your website in the block on the left hand side where it says “New Domain”.
I highly recommend leaving it is a .com as this is the most common and most people will assume that your website is a .com rather than chosing a .net, .org, .site etc etc
Oh no – my name is NOT available. No problem as BlueHost will give you all of the options which ARE available. You may now select from any of these options or alternatively you could try any of these FREE Domain Name Idea Generators –  Lean Domain Search, Domainr or Namestall to find the Perfect Name for you
This is what the page will look like if your name is NOT available

not available - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

Step 5. The TOP portion of the following page is where you will insert all of your personal details. The page looks like this

top portion sign up - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

Step 6. Scroll further down the same page to see the options available for you to select your Package. (Either 12 or 24 months which are more expensive or the 36 or 60 month options which are available at $2.95/month paid upfront). This is what the page will look like

Sign up bottom - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

You will notice that there are optional extra’s which you may include:
Domain Privacy is whether you want to make your information available online or not. I recommend that you select this option if you don’t want spammers mailing or phoning you
Site BackUp Pro which is automatic online backups of your site as well as the restore option should something happen to your site.
Search Engine Jumpstart is a search engine optimisation (SEO) option which assists in having your site indexed (listed) on Google faster
SiteLock Security verifies your website as well as preventing spamming, viruses and malware
Once you have selected your package options scroll down a little further to the payment information section
Step 7. Insert your credit card information and click on the green “submit” button. This is what this section of the page looks like

Payment Info - How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost

Please note: The Introductory Price received ONLY applies to the first package option selected and paid for. Upon renewal the standard pricing at the time shall apply
Step 8. As soon as your payment has been processed you will be taken to a screen to create your Password (Please remember to make a note and keep it in a safe place). At the same time you will receive a Welcome e-mail confirming all of your Account Information (I also recommend that you save this in a safe place). You may now Login to BlueHost and let the FUN FUN FUN begin!!


This is really such an achievement – Well Done!

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How to purchase your Web Hosting Package with BlueHost
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