Our theme for this month are the ever beautiful, bright and happy………………………………….. Sunflowers. Oh I just love sunflowers!!!!

ALWAYS happy and smiling. They just never fail to make me feel calm and relaxed.  How about you??
So you may be thinking ……………. why on earth a Monthly Theme??? Well, I just find it so boring to be always seeing the same pictures when I hop onto websites that I visit regularly and because I want this website to be a happy one I thought that it would be nice for the theme to change every month to something else beautiful and happy. A happy and peaceful place to be with lots of articles and varying information including gorgeous pictures, beautiful quotes, poems and books, yummy easy recipes and a little empowerment tossed in for the kick in the butt that we all need from time to time

Infact if you would like to make a suggestion for our next theme please feel free to contact me and let me know – I really do appreciate any feedback, suggestions or queries that you may have (even if you think they may be silly) I just love the interaction with you

Go ahead and enjoy all that I have to offer by selecting your option below or alternatively you are more than welcome to have a look around