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Why Me and You?

I have chosen Me and You because together we can achieve the desired outcome – Teamwork!!!. Whether it’s to be happy and live a fulfilling and authentic life, to figure out the best way of completing a DIY task or simply purchasing the the most suitable book for a specific purpose or person. Together is best xxx

Then why “Sunshine …..?

This ones quite simple – By changing my life I became determined and passionate about helping others through motivation, empowerment, education and self acceptance or self love to find their “sunshine” and live a life of joy and authenticity.

So now you are asking “What will I get from Sunshine …..”

Sunshine is an always Happy Place,  where each month brings a NEW theme (so no getting bored here). A place where you can indulge your soul with motivating, inspiring and empowering images and quotes, fun DIY and craft ideas, tasty recipes and personal development information to assist you in finding YOUR “Sunshine” and living an authentic life of happiness and joy!!!

The quote below has had the most profound effect on my life.

I think of it as my trigger into action or kick in the butt that I needed, and I feel absolutely blessed every time I see it and also re-energised to carry on with my mission to share it with you because if I could change my entire life around then absolutely so can YOU.

My life now has purpose and meaning to me in a way that I never imagined possible. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

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My name is Michelle and I live in beautiful sunny South Africa

Do you feel stuck? Or forced to live and accept a situation that is uncomfortable or draining?

What I am talking about is feeling miserable, fearful, defeated, panicked and anxious as well as completely overwhelmed and exhausted ALL OF THE TIME

I was stuck, very stuck, for a very long time, years infact!!!! I was a miserable, fearful, defeated, anxious, overwhelmed and an exhausted MESS

Now I LOVE waking up each day to see what interesting and exciting things are coming my way. I am happy, fulfilled and content. I make decisions and choices that work for me and even when challenges come along I am able to deal with them with ease and certainty and they are no longer “chains that hang around my neck” going on for days at a time. My mindset is positive and I take action immediately to resolve any things that may need action

Wouldn’t you like to feel happy, content and fulfilled each and every day?

Previously I had a successful professional career that was completely unfulfilling for me. It was something that I did to bring in the money at the end of each month. I would leave home before 7am and only return again at 7pm each evening SIX days a week leaving very little time to spend with my elderly dad or my beautiful daughter

If you would like to contact me with any questions, queries or ideas that you may have please do not hesitate to contact me at  or link up with me on  facebook or pinterest

And here I leave you with another one of my all time favourite quotes. Remind yourself of this every morning before you get out of bed and every evening before you go to sleep – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


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